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Providing a solid financing foundation for contractors since 1986.

You can view pre-qualified terms with just a soft pull on your credit.

Our concrete forms financing programs include leases and loans, along with working capital funding for operators.

With our straightforward pre-qualification process, you can view terms immediately and keep your approval open for up to 90 days while you shop for the ideal aluminum concrete forms or other construction equipment to suit your needs.

Concrete Forms Finance Group provides financing for an assortment of concrete forms including; insulated, concrete liners, brick form step liners, tilt up wall forms and more.

Our passion for financing various concrete forms and accessories, and the effectiveness and speed of our lease and loan products is unmatched. Since 1986, we have been offering the best rates, longest terms, and highest reliability of any specialized concrete form financing company in the marketplace.

At Concrete Forms Finance Group, we know the industry and have tailored our loan and lease financing products to fit the unique needs of field service providers. Whether you need to add accessories like liners, or expand by adding several types of forms, we can help by providing fast, easy, and reliable financing options.

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Over $1 billion in loans since 1986.


98% of concrete forms transactions are not funded by local banks or credit unions.


Bank and credit unions are great resources for credit lines, real property loans, and personal loans - but commercial concrete forms are a different story.  Unlike banks, we have no age or collateral restrictions.  If you see value in the forms or equipment - we can help you finance it!

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